Thengumpallil Kudumbayogam is a society of about 1500 members representing about 300 families known by different house names such as Thengumpallil, Vazhacharickal, Kariamkal etc. Even Thengumpallil is differently spelt us Thengumpally / Thengumpalli. We represent one of the branches of Plathottam Maha Kudumbayogam consisting of around 15000 members representing about 4000 families. 

Majority of members of Thengumpallil Kudumbayogam is staying in Kerala especially in the Central and Northern Districts. The others are spread in different countries around the world.

Thengumpallil Kudumbayogam was officially established in 1990 by the sincere and gracious efforts of Sri. John Thengumpally supported by a team of dedicated family members. Since then we are holding one annual meeting of all family members in the month of April every year.

In the modern era of nuclear families even close members of the family are unknown to each other. The establishment of the kudumbayogam is to enrich the family members of the importance of knowing each other and thereby create a unity and unanimity among the members of the family. In order to meet the objectives, the members of the family are getting together once in an year at a pre-determined location in some part of Kerala.